Awareness Drives

NTIEM has always considered spreading knowledge and creating awareness amongst the workers for sustainable growth. Hence, several awareness programs are conducted by the Environmental Professionals all over the year for capacity building and skill development

Two awareness programs covering different aspects of the environment were held in April 2021 and in September 2021 for enhanced compliance.

This year as well, World Environment Day was celebrated with an awareness and capacity building programme titled- “TOWARDS IMPROVED COMPLIANCE” on 3rd June, 2022 held at Novotel Hotel, Ahmedabad. S/Prasoon Gargava Z.O.- CPCB-Vadodara, S/ C A Shah RO- GPCB, and Dr. Bharat Jain, MS- GCPC were invited as Guest Lecturers to share their knowledge and experience in their respective fields for better compliance by the member industries of NTIEM.