Other Activities

  • Emission Trading Scheme (ETS): 63 members that come under the Continuous Emission Monitoring Scheme have placed their PO for the flowmeters and 67 for the CEMS devices to comply with the GPCB. (Ongoing)
  • CGWA: NTIEM is providing the role of facilitator to all the members for compliance with reference to CGWA notification of 2020. The Central government was kind enough to consider the rigorous efforts at different levels put in by NTIEM with regards to the extension of date for submission of the applications of NOC, levy yearly NOC fees instead of the 3 years-advanced fees and waive the Environment Damage Compensation (EDC) which has helped members to reduce their financial burden.
  • A charitable dispensary for general health checkup and treatment of all the workers and others residents in the nearby areas is proposed.
  • Pond Revival/Rejuvenation in Piplaj-Narol area is proposed.